"...Some of my best memories include thinking how lucky I was, often to be standing on stage, as close as 1 foot from Warren..." 
Dave Boruff

"...He will be greatly missed here and will not be forgotten ...never. I hope and pray that he has finally found peace..."
  Robbie Buchanan

"...All it took was a microphone and a track and he connected with something beautiful and brought it home to everyone..."
  Bill Champlin

"...He was truly an amazing talent as well as a wonderfully different and engaging personality. I always had the best time producing his vocals..." 
Steve Dorff

"...We were kind of like Edgar Bergin and Charlie Mcarthy, only I was the dummy and Warren made me come alive on stage..." 
David Foster

"...Warren was a gentleman and a true musical genius. The sweetest man you could hope to meet..."
  Bruce Gaitsch

"...He was gifted with the most gorgeous voice imaginable, and enjoyed many successes in his life, but never lost sight of the most important elements of heart and soul..."
  Cecily Gardner

"...He was truly amazing with all the different voices that he could imitate, sometimes much better than the original..." 
Gary Grant

"...It goes without saying Warren was blessed by God regarding a beautiful sounding voice and the talent to use it in song..." 
Jay Graydon

"...Warren was a true musical genius. I was honored to hear his brilliant voice sing my songs and capture it in the studio...." 
Michael Haddad

"...The last project I worked on with Warren was "The Rat Pack." What a marvelous job he did in that performance..." 
Dan Higgins

"...I didn't just work with him, I experienced him. Warren's voice was a true miracle. One of the warmest and most soulful sounds on earth ..."
  Michael Jay

"...Always unassuming and slightly disheveled, Warren would open his mouth to sing and blow people away with his soulfulness and power..."
  Gregg Karukas

"...I always found Warren to be great to work with. I really enjoyed working with him and more than that, I was inspired by his incredible talent..." 
Tom Keane

"...I was incredibly impressed with his huge talent and innocent persona. I only met him a few times, and those times were quite special..." 
Malcolm McNab

"...Warren was a man of few words himself, but a wondrous interpreter of lyrics, melody and emotion, through his music"..." 
Brian Newcombe

"...For those of us who knew, worked, and loved him he was simply GREAT. A voice sent from God that was so sweet you could cry as you listened...." 
Ted Perlman

"...He usually learned the tune the way you sang it first, and then he embellished it with his personality. It was amazing..."
  Mark Portmann

"...His death will remain a great loss and a great mystery in many of our minds and I'm glad to have met him and experienced his talent..." 
Bill Reichenbach

"...Certainly I was so sad to hear about Warren's death as he was such a lovely soul blessed with such a golden voice, like an angel..." 
Alan Roy Scott

"...We will miss a true vocal talent that comes one in a lifetime. But in his recordings the legend will live on..." 
Michael Sembello

"...His passion and his voice were one of a kind, and I will always cherish the short time I spent with him..." 
Marc Shaiman

"...Although I always felt a strong kinship with him, I only discovered our mutual entrance into the world after his passing..."
  Neil Stubenhaus

"...It was a completely emotional experience. He felt and delivered the music like no one else I ever heard, and he did it on the first take!..."
  Scott Taylor

"...Warren was an incredible man with an extremely incredible gift. He could interpret a song like no other..."  Wil Wheaton

"...Warren was such an amazing musician! He always had the right feel and passion for the music..." 
Urs Wiesendanger
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