Steve Dorff "Warren was absolutely fabulous. He was truly an amazing talent as well as a wonderfully different and engaging personality. I always had the best time producing his vocals. He was truly a professional in every sense of the word, and always gave his best. Warren sang many, many songs for me over the years. One of them was "A Little Thing Called Life" which I co-wrote with David Foster's wife, Linda Thompson. Now It's hard looking at the spot in my studio where he sang most of these songs, and not seeing him there, knowing that he'll never stand there again, and yet being lucky enough to have worked with him, and to have enjoyed his wonderful spirit and music. Warren has been one of the "great" singers of our time, and I know he's now singing up there with angels." Steve Dorff

About Steve Dorff...
A highly respected and acclaimed LA songwriter, arranger, and producer, Steve Dorff has written over 20 top 10 country and/or pop hits, 9 number one film songs, and is a three-time Grammy nominee. He has also written for mainstream artists such as Whitney Houston and Vanessa Williams. Steve's motion picture and TV credits are also numerous. He was the music supervisor for the George Strait movie "Pure Country", and also wrote two number one hits from that film - "Heartland" and "I Cross My Heart". Steve also wrote original music for the films "Dancer, Texas Pop. 81", "Blast From The Past", and soon to be released "Dudley Do-Right" starring Brendan Fraser, as well as featured songs from "Tin Cup" and "Michael". He is a five time Emmy nominee and his credits include "Murphy Brown", "Murder She Wrote", "Growing Pains", "Alien Nation", "Major Dad", "My Sister Sam", and "Spencer For Hire".

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