Gary Grant "I played with Warren quite a few times including a tour to Japan with David Foster. He was such a remarkable talent! I remember one evening in Japan, he had Laringitis and was apprehensive about being able to perform and how wonderful he sounded that night. He was truly amazing with all the different voices that he could imitate (sometimes much better than the original.) He also did sung on a production of a satire of Broadway tunes called “Fat’s Entertainment” for myself, Bill Reichenbach and Malcolm Mcnab. There were 25 songs, with of course different lyrics, which were very difficult that he mastered in about four hours. I miss him dearly." Gary Grant

About Gary Grant...
Gary E. Grant was born and raised in a musical family (Mary Kay, Eben, Ernie) of which he received his early training from his father, Harry Grant. He attended North Texas State University before a two year tour with the famed Woody Herman band, which he performed as a lead trumpet and featured soloist. In 1975, Gary moved to Los Angeles to become one of the most sought after musicians in the business. Almost 20 years later, he has accumulated an impressive list of recordings. Some of the many artists Gary has recorded with include: Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Brian McKnight, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Earth Wind & Fire, Take Six and Elton John. Gary has also recorded with one of the most respected producers of our time, Quincy Jones on Back On The Block and Q's Juke Joint. Other producers Gary has worked with include: David Foster, Glenn Ballard, Dave Grusin, and Baby Face.

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