Bill Champlin "I heard about Warren's passing and it was a sad thing for the whole music community here. He was such a remarkable talent! All it took was a microphone and a track and he connected with something beautiful and brought it home to everyone. He'll be missed." Bill Champlin



About Bill Champlin

Bill Champlin was born in Oakland, California in May of 1947. He started his amazing career as the leader of The Sons Of Champlin, a very talented band that released eight albums. Bill left the band in 1977 and went to LA where he quickly became one of the hottest session vocalists working on dozens of records. He released his first solo record in 1978 and did many guest appearances as lead vocalist on projects by Lee Ritenour, Harvey Mason, Paulinho Da Costa and Herbie Hancock. In 1981 he released his second solo album, “Runaway”. He became a member of Chicago in 1982 and continued to appear on many records, writing songs and singing for people like The Commodores, Al Jarreau, Neil Diamond and many others. In 1990 he returned with a new solo CD entitled “No Wasted Moments” with guests like Bobby Caldwell and Chicago's Parazaider and Loughnane. In the 90s he’s made four solo albums and guested on many records for people like Bruce Gaitsch, Tom Saviano, Mark Portmann and many others.

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