Bruce Gaitsch "I only had the pleasure of working with Warren in person once. He was total pro and a dream vocalist. He sang a song of mine on Jay Graydon's last solo record, entitled “You’re Not Alone”, and it is one of my all time favorite vocal performances. My wife, Janey Clewer, also recorded with Warren three or four times out at David Foster’s studio. She also thinks that Warren was a gentleman and a true musical genius. We will never forget him. The sweetest man you could hope to meet. Truly a genius, Warren will be remembered fondly." Bruce Gaitsch

About Bruce Gaitsch...
Bruce Gaitsch was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He paid his dues in grade school, high school and college by playing every possible kind of gig in Chicago. He joined Jim Petenck's band in 1975 and together they recorded an album for Epic Records. He went on to record more than 3000 sessions in Chicago up until he moved to Los Angeles in 1984. Another friend from Chicago, Richard Marx, was looking for a record deal at this same time. Bruce played in Richard's band for the showcases that got him signed. Then they wrote and recorded Richard's debut single "Don't Mean Nothing". Another frequent collaborator (and fellow ex-Chicagoan) is Patrick Leonard. Together with Madonna they wrote a song for her "True Blue" record which became Bruce's first number one song. Timothy B. Schmidt, Peter Cetera, Chicago, Kansas, Phillip Bailey, Tom Scott, Lara Fabian, and over 100 other artists have also recorded Bruce's songs.

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