Bill Reichenbach "I first met Warren when we were doing a couple of concerts for David Foster in Japan a few years ago. Here was this great big guy, like a quiet teddy bear, standing over to side by himself, just watching things happen. He wasn't really involved in all the usual "high fiving" and other outward shows of greetings which seem to occur at times like this. If someone did walk over to him, he would greet them warmly but briefly, no small talk. I think he was very focused on what he was there to do. On that concert, he was to perform various David Foster tunes (or productions of tunes) which had been recorded by various artists. Warren was to be the voice of Chicago, Boz Scaggs, and (he brought down the house with) Nat King Cole. On the bus back to hotel, he would do Stevie Wonder or Al Jearrau. He was truly amazing. The next time I saw Warren, Gary Grant, Malcomb McNab, and myself were putting a musical revue together for a Recording Musicians Assoc. party. Warren came in and supplied all the voices for 25 humorous song parodies. Warren was amazing and professional. My last experience with Warren was on the recording session for the "Rat Pack" film. Warren did "Dean Martin". Amazing once again. I waved at Warren across the studio and he waved back. This would be my last contact with him. His death will remain a great loss and a great mystery in many of our minds and I'm glad to have met him and experienced his talent." Bill Reichenbach

About Bill Reichenbach...
Bill Reichenbach started his jazz playing career while still in high school by playing with various bands in the Washington, D.C. area. He also sat in with his father’s group at the famous Georgetown club “Blues Alley” where he played with artists such as Zoot Simms, Al Cohn, Milt Jackson and others. In 1975, Bill moved to L.A. were he started playing the jazz tenor trombone chair on Toshiko Akiyoshi’s big band. As a studio player, Bill has played on about 500 records, 300-400 motion pictures, and countless TV shows and jingles. Some of the artists Bill has recorded with are Quincy Jones, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Toto, The Yellow Jackets, Seawind, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, David Foster, Aretha Franklin, Al Jarreau, EarthWind and Fire, Dr. John, Arrowsmith, and Ray Charles. As a writer and arranger, Bill has worked on records for Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and others.

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