"...Warren was without a doubt the most incredible singer I ever had the opportunity to work with. He was in my band twice..."
  Don Anderson

"...I got a call one day, he said "I can't do a session with David Foster, can you do it for me?..."
  Calvin Baugh

"...He came down to see the band and Brian. Warren sat in and sang a couple of songs with us and I was totally impressed..."
  Max Bennett

"...He'd wear closed headphones on a gig with just his voice and the bass drum in his ears, as he loved to hear himself really, really loud..."
  Dave Blackburn

"...I still remember when he started singing "Through The Fire" (in Chaka's key!) and my mouth just dropped open..."
  Bill Cantos

"...The world cannot replace this talented man. I have heard many sing but have been truly moved by precious few. Warren not only brought my song to life, he gave it his passion...."
  Jim Centorino

"...I enjoyed rehearsing where we could play many oldies but goodies hits and marvel at Warren
fs performance..."
  Nathan East

"...I remember the day I had Warren in the studio. I got goosebumps up and down my spine listening to him bring my song to life..."
  Hank Easton

"...He asked if it would be okay if he jammed a bit at the end and what he did gives me goose bumps to this day..."
  Mark Lessman

"...I know by God's word that he is in Heaven and this is not goodbye but just, see you later! For my wife Barbara and I, Warren was a huge part of our lives..."
  Brian Price

"...Warren and I were doing what we love to do the most and that's play music. As Leeds Levy said at the funeral, Warren was a singers singer..."
  Darin Scheff

"...I always had a wonderful time with him and we'd talk about our friends from San Diego we had in common..." 
Jason Scheff

"...Warren's unique personality and his deep musical expression are wonderful gifts that I'll always cherish..."
  Bill Shreeve

"...I can clearly remember he sat in with us once and sang a jazz blues and sounded beautiful. I was incredibly impressed with his talent..."
  Peter Sprague

"...Warren said he wanted to sing it country, and what he did next was unbelievable.   It was like he had sang country his whole life..."
  Art Wasem

"...When that man would open his mouth to sing, God's own angels would stop what they were doing just to listen..."
  Amber Whitlock

"...The engineer played back the track, and what came out of this guys mouth was absolutely beautiful..."
  Pepper Williams
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