Art Wasem "I met Warren through Darin Scheff and not only did we record together he came down my CD release party on december 5th 1996. I have been very lucky to work with some very talented people. Warren is on the Top of that list. I still remember when we were in the studio recording the song “Endlessly”. Warren said he wanted to sing it country. What he did next was unbelievable. It was like he had sang country his whole life. At that time he said it was the first time anyone had allowed him to do that. Sing country that is. Eventhough it was a rock ballad it was so good we kept it on the album. I got a lot of flack for it, but I never considered taking it off or changing it. He was one of a kind." Art Wasem

About Art Wasem...
Art Wasem released a nine-song collection of uplifting and positive rock and roll in San Diego back in 1996. Stepping away from the usual negative-alternative message, Art tried to offer material meant to enrich the human spirit. Produced by Wasem, the album was recorded at Doubletime Studio in La Mesa. Wasem, on vocals and guitar, was joined by Maurice Verloop on bass and Bill Ray drums, with cameo appearances by Scott Hall and Jeff Forrest. To compare his work to a major label recording would be totally unfair. Art gave a fresh local and independent ambiance that corporate budgets just couldn’t buy. The potential hit on his disc was the REO Speedwagon-ish "I'll Wait For You" with Warren on lead vocals. Its strength resided both in Wasem's vocals and the well-produced backup vocals. All bets are off, though, with the cultural spin-out of the country/western ditty, "Endlessly."

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