Peter Sprague "So sad about Warren. Since he passed away I brought out the project that I produced where he sang on and relistened to it. What mediocre tunes brought to life with his incredible art. He came into the session and immediately did wonderful renditions of the tunes and after a fix here or there, we had it and we're done. Sweet person too! He for a while lived in my same neighborhood and I'd seem him on his daily run. A big fellow doing it! And I'll never forget his incredible voice! I can clearly remember he sat in with us once and sang a jazz blues and sounded beautiful.  I was incredibly impressed with his talent! What a gem! I really hope he has finally found his peace." Peter Sprague

About Peter Sprague...
Peter Sprague, one of the finest San Diego guitar players for the past 20 years, has played and recorded with many fine artists, including Dave Benoit, Robin Adler, Kevyn Lettau, Michael Shapiro, Bill Mays, Billy Childs, Peter Erskine, Mike Garson, Tom Barabas, Checkfield, Randy Phillips or the GRP All Star Big Band. A jazz musician by trade, he delivers tightly arranged compositions that form around his intuitive lead playing. Peter is as adept at playing flamenco (acoustic) leads as he is at playing electric jazz lead, and used to alternate between the two styles. Two of his major influences are Paco de Lucia and Chick Corea. His electric playing is wide open and sprightly, a jazz sound that has made Peter Sprague's music commercially accessible. He released a few albums under his name, "The Message Sent On The Wind" in 1982, "Musica Del Mar" in 1984, and "Na Pali Coast" in 1985.

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