Mark Lessman "I met Warren from just being in different bands in the same circuit around San Diego. He was with a band called Flight Seven and mine was simply called the Mark Lessman Band. I had Rob Whitlock in my band and used Brian Price every now and then. Warren did perform a song on the album I released in 1989. He did a beautiful job on it! I was at the studio getting set up for one of the sessions and had not decided who would sing the song yet until I saw Warren walk in. I grabbed him and took him into where the piano was and showed him the tune and asked him if he liked it and was the key alright for him. In his wonderful leave it to beaver way, all he said was “Oh goody, when do we start”. When we recorded it he asked if it would be okay if he jammed a bit at the end and what he did gives me goose bumps to this day. He was a good hearted guy with a great talent. We all miss him." Mark Lessman

About Mark Lessman...
Mark Lessman is a Chicago area jazz saxophonist, transplanted from the shores of southern California. His debut solo album, entitled "More Or Less", was released in 1989. All the tracks were recorded at The Studio in San Diego, and were engineered by Mike Harris and mastered by the great Bernie Grundman.

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