Bill Cantos "I first heard Warren sometime either in 1986 or 1987 in San Diego. I was subbing with a band he was in at some club. I still remember when he started singing "Through The Fire" (in Chaka's key!) and my mouth just dropped open. I think I actually stopped playing for a bit because I was just carried away by that sound. It was through him that I met Jay Graydon and David Foster, while playing for Warren at a party. Things changed a great deal from that time on; I moved to LA, met my wife, etc. So knowing Warren really did have a life-changing effect of me. We performed a fair amount together - with Foster in Toronto in 1989, at David's wedding to Linda, with his own band at a club called Le Cafe, and at various other places. Jay and I wrote a song that Warren sang that became a hit in several countries internationally. Thinking back, I know that what drew people to that song wasn't songwriting or production. It was that marvelously expressive, silky, emotional, smack-in-tune, sweet, breathtaking voice. I regret not spending more time with him. He was funny, kind, never insincere, never less than a gentleman and a completely generous soul. It breaks my heart that because of everything that raged inside of him, he never understood how loved and supported he was. More than that, all the lies that swirled around in his head kept him from receiving the Father's love he desperately needed. I believe with all my heart that now he's in the Father's arms, and loving every minute of it. See ya, Warren." Bill Cantos

About Bill Cantos...
Bill Cantos was born in San Diego in 1963. A talented singer, songwriter and keyboard player, he has recorded a couple of records, as part of the group Sibling Revelry (the other two members were his two sisters Rita and Roxanne),"Sibling Revelry" in 1988 and "Stronger" in 1991, good examples of Christian music with touches of jazz/fusion. In 1992 he released his first solo record, entitled "Bill Cantos Project", and in 1993 he collaborated with Jay Graydon on the "Airplay For The Planet" album, writing, playing and singing on some tracks. He also went on tour with the Graydon All Stars in Europe and Japan. In 1995 he released his second record, "Who Are You" with guests including Jay Graydon, Bill Champlin, Abe Laboriel and many others. He also appeared on many works by people like Kevyn Lettau, Brenda Russell, Kirk Whalum as arranger, songwriter and player. He's married with talented keyboard player Mari Falcone.

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