These people all signed Warren Wiebe's Guest Book in 2003.

Name: Alvic Bassam Ibe
Country: Philippines
Signed on: 4/18/2003 6:38:12 PM
Comment: I first learned about Warren Wiebe when I watched Gundam X. I really liked the song. So I bought some of his albums and treasured it. This is a great website it really keeps Warren's memories alive.

Name: Tony Onstad
Country: Canada
Signed on: 4/16/2003 5:37:12 AM
Comment: I just heard an mp3 of an impromptu medley that David Foster and Warren did for Japanese radio just before a concert,and I'm blown away yet again(and always)by the feel,the substantial beauty of his voice,that I just wept tears,not maudlin ones,but for the sorrow and profound sensitivity that Warren expressed and understood.I think that kind of soul is the eternal kind.I know you're up there,bro.God bless, T. Onstad

Name: Johnny Ray Gomez IV
Country: USA
Signed on: 3/22/2003 8:14:40 AM
Comment: I first heard of Warren's voice from the "Voices That Care" recording. After hearing the lyrical voice at the end of the song, I had to find out who it was and how I could hear his voice on more music. Well, it was Warren and I must say I was devastated to hear of his passing away. Since then I have visited this site and spent hours looking threw it and wishing he wasn't gone and wishing I could hear his voice sing a beautiful lyric one more time. This is my first time to write in this guest book. I have realized that if we all update the site and return to it often it will stay up and be a tribute to Warren. I am a musician and I happen to be a very big David Foster and Warren Wiebe fan. I never thought I would be one to write in such a book, but this man moved me and I never met him. Warren spoke to me threw his voice and I am thankful that we have his recordings to keep and remember him by. Sincerely, Johnny Ray Gomez IV - 03-21-03

Name: Frankie Palkovics
Country: United States
Signed on: 3/16/2003 8:42:32 PM
Comment: My Story is one of confusion that actually began with that of my mistaking myself for Warren Wiebe. In !994 I went to Gloria Estefan's Coral Gables studio Seeking employment from them. See like Warren who was born on the 18th of July, and I on the 18th of June. I also have an affinity for impersonnating my favorite singers, but unlike Warren I also impersonate the females to. In 1995 Quincey Jones released "Q's Jook Joint" in which the booklet contained a paragraph about Warren which goes as followed "This tune markes the introdution of a new artist thet David Foster has brought to the jook joint. Warren is a remarkebly talented artist that thinks, feels, and sings more than he say's Singing is all he dose and he has used it to over come all the obsticles he has faced in life. He was born with a sigular god given gift the gift of song. So heres a shout out to The Rain Man "Warren Wiebe, my brother man. Having read this and confusing it with myself, and I don't mean any disrespect to Warrens legacy or his friends and family. I'm sure you can realize my mistake. For I never heard of anyone being able to impersonate every voice that the hear musically male or female. Not to pat myself on the back I say I do an outstanding imprsonation of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. With this In formation I decided to give it a try again and in 1996 I found Sony Music entertainment on Miami's South Beach. I had it all planned out. As well as being a singer I'am also a painter. So, I came up with the engenious idea that I would put and album together recycling old songs and painting a picture of each of the artists that I would be using. Having picked out all the songs to tell my story that I was going though a the time. I proeeded to paint my first picture, and deliver it to Sony. Now realize I had no propper ediqute in dealling with a major record label. About a week went by and I went back to Sony this time with a sad sobb story about how this girl that I was in love with at the time. Had called me on the 4th of July, and I never heard from her again. I was heartbroken, and I spent my days crying through the lonley nights. I never got the letter back from the company, but an ar woman did come out to greet me and ask me if I spoke spanish. I replied no but I was willing to learn. so for my next picture I would learn spanish. I learned Otro Dia Mas Sin Verte and painted a picture of Jon Secada to add to my album. At this piont I guess they saw that I was desperate to be heard by these people so they gave me a bussiness card that belonged to a cosultant at Sony New York headquarters. Who was Robert Creighton. At first I did not recognize the name so I called him. And we set up a lunch date for the following month. As time past before the chance of a lifetime meeting the name came to me, and where I heard of it previously. So tyhe day of my meeting had come and we decided to meet at a local resturant. When Robert (Bob) got there the first thing that came out of my mouth was that I know I heard of you before, and he asked me how. I said when Mariah Carey won her first grammy for best new artist she thanked him and thats how I heard of him.So the meeting proceeded and nothing of my singing came up and he was glad that I showed interst in Sony but what I wanted to do was not possible. To say that I was disapionted would be an undertstatement. A few months went by and Mariah Carey's Butterfly came out. Needless to say I was shoked to see tyhe song titles that were included in the album. Particully the songs "4th of July and Breakdown" and the order in which they are placed in the album. You see the Song 4th of July and Breakdown are one big song telling my story. Breakdown starts out By stating "You called yesterday to basically say" and include such colorfull lyrics as "Do you cling to your pride and sing I will survive". and as it goes on to prceed Bone Thugs And Harmony a Popular rap group at the time have a bit in the song and after their rap in the song Mariah Proceeds to exclaim "Ohh Hii Frankie" that being shocking enough to me the fact that the man I meet for lunch one afternoon who crushed but not diminished my dream of working in show bussiness. Yes Robert Bob Creighton was in the video for "Breakdown" now the video was played on MTV, but it was never commercially realsed as a single in the United States, Coincidence? In my Opinon no What Mrs. Carey had actally done for me was write me my own song. Something that I am very gratefull for because I don't write music I just Impersonate it. And Thats my story so far and to all you Warren Wiebe Fan remember he is not lost but lives on through me, But unlike Warren my talent has not yet been made public. If ever It will. Only time tell

Name: VerĂ³nica Torres Oquendo
Country: San Juan,Puerto Rico
Signed on: 2/13/2003 6:23:39 PM
Comment: I am so surprised and devasted that Warren left this world the same day I turned 22 years old! October 25! It is so sad that the day I was born is so painful to anothers!!! I stood with my mouth wide opened when I read that today. Warren,I never knew about you or your music,but it is a shame that the music has lost such a great artist,as Iam sure you were. My symphathies with his family and friends he shared with. I am just wondering what was the way you passed away being so young, only a year older than my mama. ( May she R.I.P., too)Just my curiosity...

Name: Kazu Shimokawabe
Country: japan
Signed on: 1/25/2003 8:07:42 AM
Comment: I've been searching for legacy CDs of Warren for a longtime. So,I'm very glad to see this detabase. Thank you,webmaster! and I love you,Warren forever.

Name: Candace Williams
Country: Untied States
Signed on: 1/24/2003 8:11:35 PM
Comment: Pepper Williams is my poppa! This is his daughter, thanx for putting him on your web site!

Name: Lukas
Country: Poland
Signed on: 1/16/2003 12:47:32 PM
Comment: Who sing "I'll be there". This song is performed by Warren Wiebe. Old version. Thank's

Name: Martin B.
Country: Philippines
Signed on: 1/8/2003 2:59:46 PM
Comment: My rediscovery of Warren... took place when I was watching a show on TV last 1999 - it was Gundam X. While I was watching the ending credits, I heard this really unbelievable song - "Human Touch". I said to myself, whoa, this is something else. I started to look for who sang that wonderful song, and it was only recently I found out he passed on. Well, it's proof that his legacy lives on... with each time we listen to one of his songs.

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