These people all signed Warren Wiebe's Guest Book in 2002.

Name: Marisa Kate McCary
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/27/2002 8:44:33 AM
Comment: Gone, but never forgotten

Name: Matt Smith
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/12/2002 2:58:43 AM
Comment: well what can i say........i was soooo very close to warren over the years ....i was 14 when he took me to big bear and we stayed there for 2 months was one of the best summers in my life.......not only was warren a kind and loving man but he was like a father to me........he was part of a band that my father was in..... called big dog and the blues masters and it was great fun ... i looked up to warren with all my heart and he was very much a part of my family before he ended up passing away......warren was over at my house almost every day to take me out and just go around looking for new food spots.....thats was my uncle warren....(that at least what i called him).....when i went to the momorial at the church in malibu i wanted to go up and make a speach but i couldnt say it in words how much i missed him.....( plus i was only like 16 at the time ) warren gave me a chance to go to studios with him and see what the music life was all about..... and it was sad to me because a while before his death i was at that church with warren and david foster and they did a valentine thing there...... and then so sudden he was gone from more warren at my more warren in my life and i miss that guy.....he was my second father to me and i loved him dearly.....and i wish that we could all get together with emails and share the music we may have and others may not...... i watched the tape of the momorial last night and it made me think about enjoying his music and i want to try to contact people on how to get more and even share what i have......but warrens family this is matt smith (duffys son) that little chubby kid that was always with warren and i wanted to send out my love and tell you that ill never forget my UNCLE WARREN WIEBE...

Name: Viktor
Country: Sweden
Signed on: 9/30/2002 10:28:08 PM
Comment: Even though I've been to this website so many times, it feels as if the site is new each time I visit. So much info, so much to read and to listen to. I listened to Warren this morning. When I hear songs such as The Colour of my love, Sometimes Lover, Human Touch, Roxann, I get reminded of that one of the best singers of them all, is gone. But even though he's no longer with us, he keeps on bringing a smile to my face each time I listen to his fantastic voice. /Big fan from Sweden. Viktor

Name: Christian Petersen
Country: Denmark
Signed on: 9/29/2002 1:50:17 AM
Comment: This is the ultimate site - just spend 6 hours on my first visit ( today ) so many great things all around - Videos, audio, links, stories, background - just great I'm a fan of Warren myself and have been looking everywhere on then net for something like this, and finely found the Warren Weibe Official Web, i'm so happy. The only thing i can hope for is that you connect the links to "listen to the audio" here and there - will actualy play a sample ;-) Lots and lots of thanks Kind regards Christian, Denmark

Name: Tony Onstad
Country: Canada
Signed on: 9/19/2002 2:57:50 AM
Comment: Listening to some old Bobby Caldwell,I was reminded clearly of how much he sounds like a perfect admixture of Michael Sembello and the late,great Warren Wiebe-it's like a holy parallel trinity going on there.Still and always a no. 1 fan, T. Onstad

Name: Darin Scheff
Country: USA
Signed on: 9/17/2002 8:11:35 AM
Comment: Just checking in Buddy! I miss you after all these years. Cant ever forget about you my dear friend. I know our time will come again when we spend forever in gods world. Love, Darin

Name: Mattias Holmgren (Sweden)
Country: Sweden
Signed on: 9/14/2002 7:54:44 PM
Comment: I got David Fosters "River Of Love" a few years ago and heard a wonderful voice singing on some of the songs. I checked the booklet and I learned it was Warren Wiebe. The following years I've tried to locate as much songs as I can of this remarkable man. But it was sad to learn that I would never be able to hear his voice in a live situation. Hopefully David Foster will release a treasure (collection CD) of all the demos he sang.

Name: Scott Cross
Country: U.S.A.
Signed on: 9/10/2002 8:23:10 AM
Comment: He was an angel that walked among us. He sang on at least a dozen of my songs. I thank God every day for his friendship. Why didn't the whole world know his voice? He deserved better. Thank you Warren for everything. Love - Combine aka. (Scott Cross)

Name: George Fish
Country: San Diego CA USA
Signed on: 8/12/2002 6:51:43 AM
Comment: I knew Warren at Crawford High School. We had Physical Education together (low group... underachievers... non-jocks). I had no idea he had risen to such musical heights until I saw Celine Dion thanking him profusely in one of her CD notes. Then I started hearing some airplay of the Mark Portman tune on the local jazz station KIFM. I would say "Hi" every 5 years at our class reunions, and I was saddened to hear of his death from a relative of his who chatted me up on Napster, thanking me for archiving a bunch of his cuts. So Warren couldn't make it to the 30th reunion. :-( Then I got to see the video compilation of his life and career, and was dumbfounded. Thanks Warren, and "So Long." George Fish Crawford Class of 1971

Name: Deborah Ross
Country: USA
Signed on: 8/11/2002 8:09:17 PM
Comment: I heard Warren for the first time on the Quincy Jones "Q's Jook Joint" album (yesterday). I fell in love with his voice and wanted to know if he had cd's recorded in his name. I am saddened to know that he is no longer on this plane with us. He was a truely gifted artist. I am greatly interested in finding other recordings where he is singing more in a jazz fashion as on the "Jook Joint" album. If there are any suggestions, please contact me. Thank you

Name: Tracy Allen Harmon-Wiebe
Country: USA
Signed on: 7/27/2002 11:15:36 PM
Comment: I was trying to understand why these past two weeks I've been thinking about you and now I know why this month is your Birthday. I miss you very much Uncle. Evan asks about you often especially when I play the Home videos and CD's Well uncle my singing career has been going on for awhile now and have recieved alot of good press. The response to my style is very uplifting! I just wish we could have had the opportunity to collaborate. Maybe down the road I could do a tribute song for you. My warmest affections uncle I miss you terribly!

Name: Denise Chadwell
Country: USA
Signed on: 7/20/2002 3:35:44 AM
Comment: Happy Birthday Warren! I cried selfish tears as I listened to your voice yesterday on my way to work, but know that you are still and always will be with me!

Name: Marisa Kate McCary
Country: USA
Signed on: 7/19/2002 10:11:36 PM
Comment: Happy Birthday yesterday my sweet friend. I miss spending that day with you! Our fun celebrations at the Smoke House will always be remembered, with love always Thank you also to dear generous Gabriel for giving all of us this site to share our love and respect for our special friend.

Name: J.Mitchell Simon "Joe"
Country: USA
Signed on: 7/1/2002 8:42:15 PM
Comment: My reaction was shock and horror when I heard what happened to such a great talent. I knew Warren back since the days of MANKIND and then into the EMERGENCY EXIT. It hurts to think we've been without this fine talent this long. In San Diego, when he was in these groups and later, he could bring a smile to people's faces and electrify them when he sang. Bye Warren buddy - Miss your friendship and talent.

Name: Scott Gross
Country: USA
Signed on: 6/24/2002 8:48:01 AM
Comment: As I sit here listening to the CD's of Warren's songs I've hunted down and compiled, it amazes me that somebody in the music business hasn't stepped up to put together an official release of some sort. I think Warren would have amazing success, much like the late Eva Cassidy. There is easily 4 albums of material out there if David Foster were to contribute all of the demos I'm sure he has in addition to all the the various previously released guest tracks Warren contributed towards on other artists albums. A good friend of mine & talented songwriter/musician by the name of Michael Haddad has three tracks he recorded with Warren about a year before his passing that are incredible. It's material like this, and more out there that deserve to be heard.

Name: Nancy Schwartz
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/21/2002 10:28:03 PM
Comment: I went to school with Warren. In high school we all knew he was going somewhere. A very talented young man. He was always friendly and even took time to talk to a little sophomore girl (me - he was a senior at the time) who was in awe of him. I have followed his career since then. A real loss.

Name: Brian P. Johnson
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/20/2002 5:44:07 PM
Comment: I am at once saddenned and happy. I greatly mourn the loss of this wonderful talent but am so pleased to find the words to "Listen to me" located here. I love that song and have tried for years to locate it. Why can't I locate a soundtrack? It had Warren, Celine, Donna Delory and numerous other great artits. This song is so beautiful and seems to be swept under the rug, I don't understand. I found it on a David foster CD but it was only instrumental. Again my sorrow at Warrens loss and someone should compile a CD of his music as a true legacy.

Name: Bengt Isaksson
Country: Sweden
Signed on: 5/7/2002 7:43:14 PM
Comment: Hi! I just wonder why, life is not fair. I love to listen to Warrens songs, it's so great to relax and listen to such a great singer... we miss you!

Name: Christina Brant
Country: Sweden
Signed on: 4/12/2002 9:56:19 PM
Comment: I didn't even know! I'm sitting here listening to David Foster's "Rechordings" and I got curious about Warren - who is he, other albums and so on - and now I have just found out that he is no longer with us! Tears roll down my face as I listen to my favourite song "Living For The Moment" with Warren on lead vocal... And a string that seems ironic now from that song is: "I can no longer hear the music/I think the party is over..." My God, I didn't know! But we still have all these rechordings of Warren and therefor his voice lives on. I miss you so much, Warren! Your voice touched my heart years ago... You were blessed with a beautiful voice... Words cannot express what I feel now. But I feel so sad. My favourite singer... God bless you, where ever you are! Love you so much. MISS you so much...

Name: Manuel Cossu
Country: Italy
Signed on: 3/4/2002 7:15:05 AM
Comment: I ask excuses for my English! but could not keep on living without sending a regard to that person that to marked my life! I am an Italian musician and here in italia warren it is not very known for the lack of culture that there is in my country, but when feels him sing the first time I have started crying. "warren one day when I will have the possibility you boar to find and I will bring you my love for you, so much you miss me." MANUEL

Name: Mark Friedman
Country: USA
Signed on: 2/25/2002 7:50:20 AM
Comment: I just learned of Warren's passing today, and couldn't have been more stunned. Having been introduced to his marvelous voice when he participated in "Voices That Care", I was so excited on a subsequent trip to L.A. that same year to see he was performing at one of my favorite clubs, Le Cafe. I had moved back to the Chicago area a few years before, and had known of the club during the time I lived in Southern California, having been there to hear other favorite artists. I went in, with positive expectations, and spent the evening flying higher and higher with each song. There in that same room with David Foster, his then-fiancee,now wife Linda, that dynamite band and a virtual room full of strangers, I was taken by this giant of man that at first had intimidated me, then in his gentle, somewhat timid voice, he said "Hi!" to me as if we had met before. Little did I know that this was the man behind the voice I had come to hear. When he took the stage, and wove his vocal magic, I was captivated, entranced, and an instant fan. Later in the evening, a woman came in to join the crowd. She sat alone, near my table, and she too became captivated by the vocal talents of Warren Wiebe. We began to chat, then shared a table, which led to sharing a few nights together while I was in town. We shared other musical nights with some great jazz sounds, but it was that night at Le Cafe as Warren Wiebe shone so brilliantly and sang as only he could, that stands out as one of the most memorable nights of my life. The lady and I are still friends, but hearing what became of Warren so deeply shocked, stunned and saddened me...I knew there were great things ahead for him the moment I heard him, and to know that he was on the brink of getting it really going and now is no longer with us is more sad than words can express. Just a couple of weeks ago, I pulled my copy of "Voices That Care" out of storage and played it again...Warren's voice carrying the last poigniant part of the melody brought back the memories of seeing the video that introduced me to him, the song that made it happen, and that night at Le Cafe. I couldn't fight off the emotions that filled me, and yet felt warmed by the memories as well. Now to know that Warren is gone will forever make me more sad, because there was so much more that he could have shared with us. I had brought the song back out because a very good friend of mine has been called to active duty and will soon be leaving for an indefinite amount of time, I wanted to play it for him and the others that are serving in the Armed Forces at this time. If I can, I hope to get the karaoke version of "Voices That Care", so that myself and my other friends can sing it for our friend before he ships out. I only hope I can make it through the song without breaking down...not just because of its beautifully crafted message (many thanks to David and Linda Foster for that), but because of the emotion of saying so long to our friend for who knows how long....and for the knowledge that the voice that was a major part of it being introduced to me is no longer here. I only hope I and my friends can do it justice... I don't know if the lady I met on that night at Le Cafe knows that Warren is gone, but I know she'll likely have the same feelings and emotions I felt when I found out....some three years and five months after he so unexpectedly left us. Those of us who knew of his heaven-sent talents and of the unpretentious man who carried it and shared it with us are much better off to have experienced it and even though we may not have known him on the same level, we're all a little worse off since he left us. I hope he has found a peaceful place to make his music, and a place for his gentle soul to rest. I wish you were still here to share your gift with us, are very deeply missed by more people than you could have ever known. I only wish I could have met you, the man, along with the voice that night at Le Cafe. You would have known that the lady I met that night and I were two of your newest fans from that performance onward, and would have been there for many more, as often as circumstances would have allowed. I'm grateful to have had even this slight brush of acquaintance, but will have an emptiness inside knowing it can go no further than where it is.

Name: Lynn Michael Coffey
Country: USA
Signed on: 2/22/2002 9:01:11 AM
Comment: Warren , you were loved and you are missed, we lost you and Stan Morgan the two months apart, your sisters are best friends, I hope your singing with the angels in Heaven. As a songwriter I will miss you doing those demo's for me. But I always wanted your star to shine.

Name: Linda Roberts
Country: USA
Signed on: 1/26/2002 12:02:41 PM
Comment: Hi Warren, again. I just realized how beautifully you sang for my son Darin. I have tapes of you, and I listen to the beauty in your style. I will treasure these tapes forever, thanking you for your contribution to Darin's lyrics and music. We miss you

Name: Linda Roberts
Country: USA
Signed on: 1/26/2002 11:56:51 AM
Comment: My Remembrance of you... I will never forget your kindness, that even though you spoke little, your songs said it all. Your gift came through your voice, with your head held high, knowing every curve and canyon of where you were taking that note. You were sweet, and I will always remember how you and Jason sang together at the Malibu event. I will always remember you, with a tear and a smile, until I meet with you once again. Love always, Jason's mother

Name: Darin Scheff
Country: USA
Signed on: 1/17/2002 9:14:44 PM
Comment: I miss you Warren!

Name: Alan Hales
Country: England
Signed on: 1/11/2002 11:22:34 PM
Comment: One of the greatest singers most of the world has and will never know. Such a tragic loss.

Name: Dave Ehnstrom
Country: USA
Signed on: 1/6/2002 4:48:57 PM
Comment: Thank you so much for the fantastic site and for helping to keep the memory of Warren Wiebe alive. He was a phenomenal talent who left us far too soon. Although I did not know him personally, it sounds like he enriched the lives of all who knew him and he touched me deeply with his brilliant, heartfelt, and passionate singing. I just recently started to collect Westcoast CDs (I'm a huge Jeff Porcaro fan), and I have Airplay for the Planet and River of Love. What are some of your favorite Warren Wiebe songs or CDs you would suggest I pursue next? Thanks again! Dave

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