“Coming Coming Home / Tomi Malm
Track: The Time Is Now (with Wendy Moten)

Light Mellow

Brave New World / GIG
Track: All I'll Ever Need

Light Mellow

Walkin' On Air / Tomi Malm
Track: Show Me A Sign (with ZoSia)

Original Demos

Original Demos / Burt Bacharach & Tonio K
Tracks: Never Take That Chance Again
Original Demos Original Demos / Gardner & Fuller
Tracks: 17 Years, Slip Away, Nothing That I Wouldn't Do, This Blue Tattoo
Original Demos Velvet OST / Various Artists
Tracks: For Your Love, Carrie
Original Demos Original Demos / Tom Snow
Tracks: Beauty Outside Beauty Within, It's Not The End Of The World, Time To Be Lovers, Town Of Dreams, You're Welcome In My Life, I Must Have Been Blind, I Can See Forever, That's What Love Can Do, We're All In This Together, Ronnie-O, Love Has A Mind Of Its Own, Bridges Of The Heart

Fly Away Contante & Sonante Highlights and Rarities / Various Artists
Tracks: A Little Thing Called Life, Kindred Spirits, Somewhere In Time, My Angel's Voice
Fly Away Fly Away: The Songs of David Foster / Various Artists
Track: Live Each Day
Snapshots Snapshots / Hank Easton
Tracks: Show Me A Sign, Show Me A Sign (unplugged)
Somebody New Somebody New / Urs
Tracks: Somebody New, Hold Me, Somebody New (Jazzy Version)
Original Demos Original Demos / Steve Dorff
Tracks: A Little Thing Called Life, And Still Run Out Of Time, I Never Stopped Loving You, True Love At Last, Kindred Spirits, The Echo Of Your Whisper, Everytime You Cross My Mind, Love's The Silver Lining, The Wait Was Worth The Angel, In Love's Name, I Just Fall In Love Again, Before We Kiss Tonight Goodbye, Somewhere In Time


Camp OST / Various Artists
Track: I Believe In Us

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The Real Me

The Real Me / Urs Wiesendanger
Track: Another Chance for Love (with Jerrie Lynn)

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Portraits Of America

Portraits Of America / Jim Centorino
Track: Going Home (with Amber Whitlock)


Crolius / Crolius
Track: The One

Light Mellow

AOR-Groovin' and Breezin' / Various Artists
Track: Heart Don't Change My Mind

Original Demos

Original Demos / Robbie Buchanan
Track: I Will Be The Last One

Highest Calling

Highest Calling / Visionary
Track: Anything For You (with Bill Champlin)

Charted Hits & Rare Recordings

Charted Hits & Rare Recordings / Tom Snow
Track: Ronnie-O

Three Day Weekend

Three Day Weekend / Evan Marks
Tracks: Days Gone By (with Lynn Davis),  Keeps Me Hangin' On (with Lynn Davis, Rachel Asher and Calvin Baugh)
Silent Mobius Vol. 2 Silent Mobius Vol.2 OST/ Various Artists
Tracks: Can We Bring The Love In

A Passion For Music - Hidden Classics-Original Demos / Diane Warren
Tracks: A Smile As Beautiful As Yours (with Jossie Warnel), I Can't Change The Way You Don't Feel, I Don't want To Be Alone For Christmas, Why Goodbye

World Jam, Oceans To Ozone

World Jam, Oceans to Ozone / Various Artists
Track: Before The Fall

Good Times, Bad Times

Good Times, Bad Times / Yukiko Ito
Track: Put Your Head On My Shoulder (with Yukiko Ito)

Bacharach ... Applause

Bacharach... Applause / Various Artists
Track: On My Own (with Lalah Hathaway)

No Truer Words

No Truer Words / Mark Portmann
Track: Here I Go Again


Art / Art Wasem
Tracks: I'll Wait For You, Endlessly


Solista / Miho Morikawa
Track: Here With Me (with Miho Morikawa)

Don't Let Me Wait

Don't Let Me Wait / Pepper Williams
Track: This World Of Ours

Human Touch

Gundam X OST / Warren Wiebe
Track: Human Touch

Stars On Disney Now!

Stars On Disney Now! / Various Artists
Track: Can Your Feel The Love Tonight
, When You Wish Upon A Star

Stuart Saves His Family

Stuart Saves His Family OST / Various Artists
Track: What Makes a Family

Q's Jook Joint

Q's Jook Joint / Quincy Jones
Track: Is It Love That We're Missing (with Gloria Stefan)
Melody Blvd Melody Blvd / Joe Hisaishi
Tracks: Two Of Us, Stand Alone

Show Me A Sign

Show Me A Sign / Hank Easton
Tracks: Show Me A Sign, Show Me A Sign (reprise)


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