These people all signed Warren Wiebe's Guest Book in 2000.

Name: Tracy Allen Harmon (Wiebe)
Country: USA
Signed on: 11/21/2000 10:44:59 PM
Comment: You are so in my thoughts Uncle Warren, I think of you often. I miss our conversations and lunches. There are so many things to talk about,I joined a band Uncle we're called G-Force, we play R&B ,Pop,and covers Believe it or not I'm the lead singer. I could sure use your advice. Well tonight I'm gonna look at the Christmas tape you sent me. I miss you so much!! Love always! Tracy

Name: Vincent Thoma
Country: Canada
Signed on: 11/15/2000 9:56:25 PM
Comment: Warren, you have a beutiful voice and I am sure that the angels are backing you up now. Gabriel,thank you for this site! Vincent Thoma

Name: Darin Scheff
Country: USA
Signed on: 11/6/2000 12:44:30 PM
Comment: Just checkin in again Warren! I miss you...

Name: Ranee
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/30/2000 9:21:26 PM
Comment: Warren, You are on my mind and in my heart everyday, every hour, every minute. I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU....I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE. Oh God, how I miss you. Rest in peace my Sweet Brother Ranee

Name: Dawn Brown
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/27/2000 4:52:27 PM
Comment: I was asked (in pogo) to visit the web site, and sign the guest book. It's good that people have taken the time to make a web page in rememberance of what seemed like a really great man. I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope Warren is remembered for many years to come.

Name: Keith O Connor
Country: Ireland
Signed on: 10/27/2000 4:19:42 PM
Comment: I am signing this guestbook for my very good friend Shawn, when something like this happens it is never easy but with good friends and family it can be made easier, with love, Keith

Name: Rick Montez
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/27/2000 4:16:12 PM
Comment: I wish i could have known him and i would have loved to have met him. I hope you and your family can understand that he is in a better place now. I wish I could have been there in your hard time and I would have loved to have helped you in your hour of need. Please except my sympthy and hope you and yours are doing okay. Love you and take care smontez

Name: Johnny Getz
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/26/2000 11:51:21 PM
Comment: At the request of my friend, Joe Rhone. I am offering my best to the family, friends, and fans of Warren. It seems that he has done nothing but good during his short time on Gods earth, and my prayers are out to all who have suffered. Rest In Peace

Name: Casey Clarke
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/26/2000 9:40:16 PM
Comment: Thank you for the site.

Name: Stacie Womble
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/26/2000 8:16:09 PM
Comment: God Bless You Warren & his family.

Name: Linda Sisco
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/26/2000 7:59:17 PM
Comment: I'm saddened by the loss of this man. My heart goes out to his family and friends on the anniversary of his death.

Name: Tim Arnold
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/23/2000 2:27:00 AM
Comment: So sorry to hear of Warren's passing. I remember Warren from 6th grade at Rolando Park Elementary (1965-66). Throughout my teens, his band (Emergency Exit ) was nemesis to my brother's band (Hardware/Sequoia) 1970-72. Being a musician myself, I was always very impressed with the awesome talent God gave Warren. What a voice. Superior to Bobby Caldwell. I know he must be sorely missed. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Name: Mark Robert Bourne
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/17/2000 2:40:14 AM
Comment: Wow, what a surprise. I knew of his work through the River of Love album by David Foster and really enjoyed his voice and music. I am in shock to learn of his passing so long after the fact. My deapest simpathy. An amazing voice silenced.

Name: Brianna Svelmoe
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/15/2000 10:31:17 PM
Comment: It has almost been two Years since Uncle Warren died. It's sad and we miss him. I love you Uncle Warren. Brianna

Name: Alie Smith
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/12/2000 7:19:51 AM
Comment: Not a day goes by that I'm not reminded of Warren's great talent, inspiring words, or courage. I was extremely blessed to have had him in my life since I was a baby. (My father, Don Smith, was one of his closest friends since jr. high.) He led a very busy life, but he was never too busy to make it to one of my performances, sing duets with me in my living room, or simply spend a quiet evening with my family. I thank him for sparking my interest in a gift that embodied his heart and soul...the gift of song. He was a kind, compassionate, and giving man. I miss him terribly as does my family. May you rest in the sweet peace of heaven dear friend, we will always remember you. Love, Alie

Name: Nightingale
Country: Canada
Signed on: 10/9/2000 7:44:19 PM
Comment: I come to know Mr. Wiebe via "Human Touch", the soulful ending theme for the Sci-Fi anime TV series "After War Gundam X". His voice is touching and the song is wonderful. Being a long time fan of Gundam saga, I first watched Gundam X last year so I know about Mr. Wiebe very recently. In keeping with the very high standard of Gundam music, Mr. Wiebe's contribution was invaluable and always refreshing. For all Gundam fans and music lovers, we salute you.

Name: Monte Montgomery
Country: USA
Signed on: 9/27/2000 1:08:31 AM
Comment: As Warren would have put it: "Well . . . the website is pretty neat."

Name: Mathew A. Kowalski
Country: USA
Signed on: 9/4/2000 8:14:24 AM
Comment: Your contributions to the music world will be greatly missed. RIP.

Name: Stevie Tahamata
Country: The Netherlands
Signed on: 8/11/2000 7:18:59 PM
Comment: It's a pity that Warren passed away. His voice had a natural, pure sound from the heart to me.

Name: Scott Baris
Country: USA
Signed on: 7/19/2000 8:06:02 PM
Comment: I was a friend and fellow musician with Warren dating back from the late 60's. I was the relief keyboard player for Emergency Exit, whenever Mike Tompson had studio work in L.A. Warren's talents' and friendship are surely missed! Scott Baris.

Name: Melissa Hart
Country: USA
Signed on: 7/8/2000 10:04:28 PM
Comment: I hear warren sing many years ago accompanied by David Foster when I was living in L.A. Wow, what an incredible voice and passion. I'm sorry to hear of his passing, but I know his voice touched many people, including me. Blessings, Melissa Hart

Name: Olov Andersson
Country: Sweden
Signed on: 7/6/2000 4:33:45 PM
Comment: Many thanks for creating such a beautiful site to pay tribute to one of the greatest singers of all time. It's so sad and such a waste that Warren isn't around anymore. Listening to him has sure made my life more worth living and reading all the quotes on this site really shows that he had that impact on everybody. On the 18th of july I will celebrate my birthday. I dedicate our joint day of birth to you Warren and I'll keep you in my prayers and some day we'll jam in heaven.

Name: Eva Sandner Gravesen
Country: Denmark
Signed on: 6/29/2000 11:59:04 AM
Comment: What a tremendous loss, to leave us so soon. We feel like angels listening to Warrens voice. Thanks for the joy of that.

Name: Julie Shaw
Country: USA
Signed on: 6/15/2000 1:58:17 PM
Comment: Warren's nephew, Tracy, put me onto this website. WOW!! What a legacy...

Name: Tracy Harmon (Wiebe)
Country: USA
Signed on: 6/7/2000 1:41:39 AM
Comment: What a heart warming site for such a wonderful and beautiful man who was and is my uncle. You know growing up a Wiebe was very difficult for me because my father( Warren's brother) left this world when I was very young. So my identity with the family really didn,t start until I was old enough to start asking questions about my dad and that side of the family. I lost two great people in my life Warren and his mother Ruby ( My Grandmother) I miss them so! This is truly a great tribute to a great man. Thank you Uncle Warren for always being there for me. I will always love you!

Name: Brianna Svelmoe
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/29/2000 5:44:14 AM
Comment: Warren was my cousin. HE had a great voice and could shock everone. i just want to say i love you warren and we will never forget you. Brianna

Name: Christine Pollock Diaz
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/23/2000 5:24:32 PM
Comment: This is really the first time I've been able to look completely at Warren's site. Gabriel has done the most beautiful job and it seems nothing Warren did has been left off. Warren was a huge part of my life for over 10 years and it's still really hard for me to see his photos and read the comments about him - I know almost everyone who wrote something and I miss all the friends we had in common. I still cannot listen to his music, more than a year after his passing, I miss him (and his family) terribly. Warren was more than a fabulous singer, he was the kindest most gentle person I ever knew. No one could understand the struggles he went through every day of his life and I know he is now finally at peace. God bless you my dear friend.

Name: Brian Pearson
Country: USA
Signed on: 3/1/2000 2:32:23 AM
Comment: Fantastic site on a fantastic talent. I always felt like I was one of a few that always noticed "monster talent." I am a huge Bill Champlin and Bobby Caldwell fan and then I came across Warren. Speechless comes to mind when describing Warren and his works. I only wish he had the chance to put it all together on his own CD. I have some of it and thanks to your site I can now look for more. Our loss is heaven's gain, and in a very big way. Thanks Warren!

Name: Joe Rhone
Country: USA
Signed on: 2/21/2000 6:16:40 PM
Comment: Wow, what do I say? I didn't know Warren personally, but did through his family. I am marrying his wonderful niece Shawn. She and her mother and Dad, Ranee and Jerry, have told me so much about this wonderfully talented man. They miss him terribly and through their grief, I do also. Rest in peace Warren, knowing the happiness you brought so many people in your short life.God Bless You

Name: Shawn Guill
Country: USA
Signed on: 2/21/2000 5:20:37 AM
Comment: Wow! This is the first time visiting this site since my uncle's death. This is quite a contribe to my Uncle Warren. The family misses you terribly Uncle Warren. You have a heart of gold and a voice like no other. There is no one else I would love to have sing at my wedding then you. But since your not here, I will be playing some songs of yours at my wedding. You will be there in spirit and in my heart. Uncle Warren you are greatly loved still to this day, and always will be. Please everyone remember Warren and listen to his angelic voice...Shawn Guill (Warren's neice)

Name: Jim Wright
Country: Canada
Signed on: 1/29/2000 4:41:46 AM
Comment: I came across this link, and was very saddened to discover Warren's passing. I have always been amazed by the incredible clarity and "sweetness" of his voice. His vocal talents added so much depth to music of the artists he performed with.

Name: Randy Barnett
Country: USA
Signed on: 1/17/2000 11:30:41 PM
Comment: What a wonderful tribute to a wonderfully talented and lovable person. I am a long time friend of Warren's, we go all the way back to 7th grade. I am thankful that I was able to spend so much quality time with him in the last three years of his short life. I'm actually in the picture with Warren, Nathan East, and Don Smith. Being at that concert was an experience I will never forget. Thank-you for all your hard work. Randy Barnett

Name: Warren Mullin
Country: USA
Signed on: 1/7/2000 4:32:49 AM
Comment: What a phenomenal tribute this turned out to absolute labour of love. This is my first oppurtunity to view the finished pages - Gaby, you have brought a beautiful thing to fruition. I am pleased that you have the same compassion that I do for the most underrated vocalist of the century; perhaps the most underrated vocalist of all time. Warren was with us for much less time than we would have liked, and never got the recognition he deserved. God rest his soul - I miss his gift. Thank you for helping it to live on!

Name: Craig Eagleson
Country: New Zealand/Boston
Signed on: 1/4/2000 4:58:09 AM
Comment: A superb website and fitting tribute to one of the purest voices God has ever gifted us. I truely hope that in time we all get to hear the marvelous work refered to in this site that Warren did with David Foster.

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